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As I mentioned in my previous post, I have grabbed as many magazines as I can since the engagement.  This definitely helped me figure out where to start.  I tore out pictures and ideas and created a wedding binder to keep my ideas organized. As you gather these cut outs, you eventually come up with a theme (if you don’t already have one).  Since it has been seven months since I’ve gathered ideas, I’ve eliminated things out of my binder and narrowed it down to what I really want.  I also store all my receipts and miscellaneous items from my vendors.


We opened a joint bank account to keep our wedding funds in a separate account.  This makes things easier to track how much we have saved and where money is being spent.

Per BRIDES magazine, below is how an average couple, with 164 guests, five bridesmaids, and five ushers divide their budget.  We used this as a guideline and customized our own breakdown.  We created a spreadsheet to help us stay organized with our budget and compare the actual amount we have spent against what we planned to spend.


A great website I found to be helpful is the knot!  The site is real busy and very overwhelming but you can find almost everything you need.  I do enjoy the email blasts they send.  It seems to always lure me on their site to do some research. 🙂 They add a personal touch and give you a countdown till your big day!

Thanks to my fiance, our personalized wedding website is in the works.  We wanted to wait until we had our ceremony location, reception site, and wedding party set in stone.  A friend of mine, who is getting married this November, actually password protected their site.  I think that is a brilliant idea!

Springpad gives you a place to quickly and easily save anything you want to remember (Take a note, create a task..).  I have this app on our iPad and I love it! I’ve created a checklist to remind me what needs to be done and gives me a deadline on these tasks.  It also allows you to create a drawing board – I have posted pictures and listed the contact information of the vendors and bridal shops we are dealing with for our wedding.


I have major OCD.



Hello world! I decided to start blogging again but this time to ramble about the planning process for my upcoming wedding and other things I have going on.  A co-worker of mine just had her daughter’s wedding last month and realized how fast time flies when you’re caught up in the middle of the craziness in planning a wedding.  So it will be nice to look back and reminisce on the days that lead up our big day! 🙂


He popped the question on December 31, 2010 at my family’s New Years Eve party.  Here is the background on what we were watching: My cousin Remel (Life Over the Shoulders) made a video with each of my family members saying what their Favorite Memory of 2010 was & New Years Resolution for 2011 (the pop-out screens you see that’s fast forwarded in the beginning of the video). At the end of the video, Patrick comes back changing his Favorite Memory to New Years Eve because that’s when we get engaged. And then he proposes ♥ Here is the video:


Since the day we got engaged, we have been researching and planning.  Where do you start, right?!?  I had no clue! So, I went straight to magazine isles of every store we happen to go to and grabbed every bridal magazine they sold. And of course, the internet.  I signed up for an account on The Knot and from there it’s been going good…