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Finally booked! Phew. On to the next task.

As of today, we have four more months to go! yeee!

I’m not going to lie. Getting alterations done for MY wedding makes me nervous.  I have YELP‘d alteration shops around my place and I found one that got good reviews!  I felt confident in my decision.  So, I take my MOH there to get her dress altered.  Okay, nice.. this place looks like they work with a lot of bridal gowns and dresses.  The young lady working the front asks one of the seamstress to come out to help us and wow.. rude.  She asks, “What’s wrong with it?”  I kept my comments to myself but we wouldn’t be there if we didn’t want something fixed, right?!  I could of just took the dress and found another place but I didn’t. We are picking it up next week.  I’m crossing my fingers!

(Source: Europe Travel Guide)

Thanks to my parents, they have booked our honeymoon for our wedding present! This is how I feel right now:

“We goin? Are you joking?” All I’m missing is the backpack filled with goodies!