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Desiree, my best friend, got engaged in Maui last December! It was the hardest secret I could keep from her. I’m very proud to say that I never spilled the beans.

Sarah (aka Sticky), Des, and I went to have sushi for dinner two weeks ago. Des surprised us with the cute little boxes shown above, asking us to be part of her wedding! But by October I’d be labeled as her “Matron” of Honor. How exciting!



My wonderful bridesmaids revealed the bachelorette weekend location: San Francisco! Representing the whole bridal party, Lanie & Des came to my work and delivered flowers and a cake. It was so sweet and very surprising!

I love them! I’m excited!


What the heck?!? Where did January go? We’ve been so busy that I didn’t get to blog anything! We have been running all over to get things knocked off our list. We have been successful!

[side note: I’m blogging via my new iPhone, my fiancĂ© gave me for Christmas! Hopefully this will get me to blog more often. /end side note]

Anyway I’m on my lunch break at work. I better get goin!

60 more days till the big day!