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Geez. Who would of thought that baby gear is like shopping for a car.  We did lots of research for a stroller and a diaper bag! Well, I should say that I did a lot of research on strollers and diaper bags.

Since I was pregnant and left my job, I had a lot of time looking up baby products online.  Surprisingly, diaper bags was one I kept going back and forth on.  I couldn’t really decide so I just registered for a JJ Cole Mode Tote Bag.  It served its purpose in the beginning of my child’s life but now I pack a little more since my son likes to spit up and poo up his back! haha.

For Mother’s Day, my husband surprised me with the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Backpack in Champs Elysees Stop.  I have been ranting and raving to him that I wanted this bag since I was pregnant but when I actually had in my hands, it was not as practical as I wanted it to be.

PPB Boxy BackpackPros:

  • Gorgeous Bag
  • Backpack and messenger strap options
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Color and design is not as loud as other patterns available


  • Narrow and deep – I have to dig and take everything out if something is at the bottom of the bag.
  • No room for any of mom or dad’s stuff (i.e., wallet, cell phone, etc.)
  • Side pockets are not wide enough
  • I was afraid to get the bag dirty and mess up the stitching on the bag

I really wanted to keep this bag but I’m an over packer.  I want to make sure I have everything I need for every situation.

So, the other bag on my wishlist is the Ju Ju Be – Be Prepared Diaper Bag.  So I exchanged the PPB Boxy Backpack for this bag!  I chose the plain black/silver color that way my husband can carry it around too, without worrying about the girly feel too it.

Ju Ju Be Be Prepared


  • Spacious!
  • Zippers open down the sides for more access
  • Front pocket serves as mom or dad pocket to store wallet, phones, etc.
  • Machine washable
  • Magnetic flaps on the bottle pockets


  • Heavy without items inside
  • Side pockets that store the changing pad and snacks are buttons and hard to snap back closed. Wish they were magnetic as well.
  • Bulky but I bought it for the room.

The Ju Ju Be BFF is the smaller version of this bag and is a better everyday diaper bag.


I’m back! Let’s say I’ve been busssssy.  A lot has happen since my last post!

Quick recap:

  • We bought a house back in November 2012
  • new homeand gave birth to my beautiful son, Shawn Xander, on 01.13.13!
    shawn xander

Being a mother has been so amazing!  The love you have for this little human being is hard to describe to someone who has not had a baby yet.  I remember when my best friend had her son… I fell in LOVE with him.  But it’s definitely a different love when you have one of your own!

After giving birth to Shawn, my husband said he has a better appreciation for women!  Ain’t that the truth. The night we had him, we could not sleep.  We stared at him all night/morning! Being a new mom, made me appreciate my mom more.  You don’t realize what your parents went through until you become a parent.  We still have lots to learn and have a lot more obstacles to go through with our son.  I don’t think anyone can be “ready” to have a child but to just dive in. haha!  I was always back and forth on what I wanted to be when I “grow up”.  But one thing for sure, I knew I always wanted to be a mom!