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BABY.. but it’s a GIRL!  Looks like we are adding a daughter to our little family in July!  We are so excited and I’m getting a little anxiety thinking about caring for two little ones.  I know there are tons of parents that have gone through it so we can do it too! Trying to stay positive and I know it will be worth it.

Here is our gender announcement.  This time, my husband and I knew the gender of our baby and just had a photo shoot done with only our son.  It took a couple tries to have all the balloons pop out of the box and a couple cookies to have Shawn look at the camera.  It was fun.  Here’s a tip:  always schedule photo shoots at their happiest moods in the day.  We did this after my husband and cousin got off work.. bad idea!  Shawn was so tired and cranky by this time of the day.

The gender announcement from our first pregnancy was a surprise for the both of us {see blog post here}.  Big thanks to my cousin Jeremey for always helping us out with pictures for our family!  We love you!



This is the most priceless gift my husband can ever give me. We are blessed! We are having a BOY!

At our sonogram appointment, we asked the technician to not tell us our baby’s gender.  We brought her a piece of paper and envelope to write down this information.

My sister took the envelope and went to Party City to fill up the box I painted with either teal balloons for a boy or purple balloons for a girl.  We wanted to stay away from the traditional blue and pink.  At this point, she was the only one who knew the gender of our baby.  We then had our awesome photographer cousin, J Amante, take our gender announcement photos at Balboa Park.

Photo: J Amante

Now the naming process begins..