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This is the most priceless gift my husband can ever give me. We are blessed! We are having a BOY!

At our sonogram appointment, we asked the technician to not tell us our baby’s gender.  We brought her a piece of paper and envelope to write down this information.

My sister took the envelope and went to Party City to fill up the box I painted with either teal balloons for a boy or purple balloons for a girl.  We wanted to stay away from the traditional blue and pink.  At this point, she was the only one who knew the gender of our baby.  We then had our awesome photographer cousin, J Amante, take our gender announcement photos at Balboa Park.

Photo: J Amante

Now the naming process begins..


We have wonderful news! We are expecting!! We both wanted to get pregnant right after the wedding, and BAM! We did. Here is my little “Gummy Bear”:

So… that’s why I haven’t posted anything in awhile.  This week ends my first trimester and it’s exciting! I feel good. No morning sickness. I’m eating. A lot. I sleep. A lot. Life is wonderful!

A doctor once told me that I won’t be able to have kids.  I’m truly blessed and what a miracle this really is.

I’m already planning the baby shower and what crafts I can get started!  Stay tuned.