I’m back! Let’s say I’ve been busssssy.  A lot has happen since my last post!

Quick recap:

  • We bought a house back in November 2012
  • new homeand gave birth to my beautiful son, Shawn Xander, on 01.13.13!
    shawn xander

Being a mother has been so amazing!  The love you have for this little human being is hard to describe to someone who has not had a baby yet.  I remember when my best friend had her son… I fell in LOVE with him.  But it’s definitely a different love when you have one of your own!

After giving birth to Shawn, my husband said he has a better appreciation for women!  Ain’t that the truth. The night we had him, we could not sleep.  We stared at him all night/morning! Being a new mom, made me appreciate my mom more.  You don’t realize what your parents went through until you become a parent.  We still have lots to learn and have a lot more obstacles to go through with our son.  I don’t think anyone can be “ready” to have a child but to just dive in. haha!  I was always back and forth on what I wanted to be when I “grow up”.  But one thing for sure, I knew I always wanted to be a mom!