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I love old school cars.  I want to own one someday. *sigh*

I knew this would be a must have for our wedding.  One of my husband’s tasks was to find us one.  And I fell in love with this 1937 Packard!

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Photos: Bauman Photographers

Thank you to Classic Limos and our chauffeur, Eugene!

Photo above: Daniel


/tough decision/

One of the toughest part of preliminary planning, for me as a bride, was picking my bridesmaids.  With a humongous family and a lot of girlfriends, I had to wind it down.  My fiance and I wanted to keep the wedding party as small as we could.  In reality, the wedding day is about us, not about anyone else, and did not want to loose the focus on us.  When I feel “bad” about decisions we make that may hurt other people’s feelings, my fiance reminds me that “It is our time to be selfish.”

I guess he is right. I love everyone in our family, but I just can’t have all 147 members walk down the isle before I do. (And that’s an actual number I calculated from our guest list!)

So we came up with 10 people in our wedding party – 5 bridesmaids and 5 groomsmen.  How did we come up with this number?  Well, I knew for sure my sister was going to be my maid of honor.  Now the hard part: I chose one person per “category” – one from my mom’s side of the family, one  from my step dad’s, my best friend, and my future sister-in-law. It had to be done this way or else we would have an army of a wedding party.

/DIY bridesmaid invitations/

Anyway, I knew I wanted to make something cute when asking my girls to be by my side on one of the most important days of my life.  When searching for ideas, I stumbled across Natalie Bradley’s blog (Plan Your Wedding Bootcamp) and thought these were darling! So, I started crafting…

I went a little crazy and tried my best to cut out each of the girls’ hairstyles. I think I did pretty well! Then I thought, this isn’t enough..

I found The Knot Bridesmaid Handbook on Amazon for a good price. I was only going to buy this book for my 18-year-old maid of honor but I went ahead and bought four more for the rest of my BMs.  And then I asked myself, How am I going to ship these?

Decorative Paper Boxes from Michaels, of course! I was thrilled that these were 50% off when I actually thought of the idea. But now the issue of the box being too big.  (They didn’t have smaller boxes that had my color scheme). As I was walking around the store to figure out what I can put in these boxes to make sure the book doesn’t flop around when shipped,  I came up with this:

Mini Bouquets for the Wedding Rehearsal! I found hydrangea bunches that were perfect!  I had to glue drinking straws around the stem to create a thicker feel:

All together now:


This was a fun DIY project! I loved their reaction.  They loved it! It definitely got them excited for the wedding.